Kansas Proxy Weddings

Weddings by Proxy performs legally binding marriage ceremonies for couples who can not be together at the time of the wedding. 

Types of Proxy Weddings

In Kansas, only one person has to be physically present to obtain a legal marriage certificate. The other can designate a "proxy" to stand in for them. This allows couples in various situations to get married despite the distance between them.

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How to Plan a Proxy Wedding in Kansas

Navigating the legal process for a proxy wedding can be overwhelming. Weddings by Proxy is here to help. We understand the system and help you through the entire process.

About Weddings by Proxy

We understand that life does not always work as planned, and it’s not always possible to be together when it is necessary to be married. Weddings by Proxy has been making marriage a reality in Kansas for years. We help you make a Single Proxy Marriage as simple and stress-free as possible.

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Kansas Proxy Wedding – What Is It?

If you’re wondering what a Kansas Proxy Wedding is, you’ve come to the right place. In short – a Kansas proxy wedding is a type of wedding ceremony where one or both individuals getting married are not physically present. Weddings By Proxy has been helping couples for...
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Documents Required For The Kansas Proxy Weddings?

In Kansas, a proxy wedding offers an unconventional solution for couples unable to attend their own ceremony. Yet, before choosing this unique route to marriage, a thorough document review is essential. Understanding this necessity ensures legal compliance and smooth proceedings, making the Kansas proxy weddings...
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Kansas Weddings: Ready To Explore The Wedding By Proxy Validity?

Well, traditional marriages are great. However, there are times when you, your partner, or both are absent. What will you do then? Extending your marriage can be an option only when you are okay with losing those perks of being a legally certified married couple!...