Non-Resident Weddings

Non-resident weddings, performed by proxy, have become more popular in the last few years. Weddings by Proxy is the most experienced facilitator of legal proxy marriages in the state of Kansas for active duty military, US citizens wanting to marry foreign nationals, and incarcerated individuals. Kansas is one of the few states that allows 3rd party representation for marriages and does not place restrictions on residency. That is why Kansas has become the "go-to" place for US and foreign citizens wanting to obtain a legally binding marriage certificate.


After the initial paperwork has been completed, submitted, and approved, there are requirements the state of Kansas places on a Single Proxy Marriage ceremony.

  • ONE person has to physically be present in the state for a minimum of 4 days.
  • ONE person has to physically be present for the ceremony.

You can expect the entire process to take 3-6 weeks to complete the paperwork and receive approval. In some cases this can be expedited, but once the approval is granted, one individual has to arrive in Kansas at a minimum 4 days prior to the ceremony date.

A proxy, non-resident wedding, makes getting married easier for couples separated by Governmental red-tape or long distances. Since the proxy wedding is legally binding and recognized by every state, all branches of the Military, and most countries of the world, it is the perfect solution for all types of US resident and non-resident couples.

  • US Citizens who want to marry a Foreign National
  • Incarcerated Citizens – The party who will travel to Kansas can be from the USA or a Foreign Country
  • Retired Military who want to marry a Foreign Resident
  • Two Foreign Residents who face difficulties getting married in their country
  • Same Sex Couples from the USA or a Foreign Country
  • Civilian Contractors who want to marry a Foreign Resident

If you are not sure if this service will work for your specific situation, contact us today.

Pastor Nancy will discuss your situation with you and determine which Proxy non-resident wedding is most suitable for your specific situation. She will work with you on getting the correct state forms submitted, selecting your date and location, and help you make your wedding ceremony memorable.