How It Works

A proxy wedding, sometimes referred to as an "online wedding", can be performed when both parties cannot attend in-person. The state of Kansas allows proxy representation, where a 3rd party is given legal authority to represent or stand in for someone else. When a couple wishes to be married but cannot both attend due to various reason, a "Single Proxy Marriage" can resolve the issue of distance.

In the state of Kansas you CAN be legally married as long as one of you is physically present for the ceremony. The other can attend via proxy and there are NO residency requirement. Your individual situation could be due to military deployment, incarceration, international or travel restrictions due to health, etc. A proxy wedding is also available to same sex couples.

Planning Your Proxy Wedding

Step One - Gather personal information for the both of you

Step Two - Fill out the form on the our Contact page. Once we receive the form, Pastor Nancy will contact you to review your information, get to know your situation, and explain the process.

Step Three - Legal forms and applications must be filled out. Pastor Nancy will provide a code for you to use to access these forms on the Weddings by Proxy website. She will help you through the process of providing the necessary information and getting the forms submitted to the appropriate state departments.

Step Four - receive approvals and set the date. Weddings by Proxy has a Chapel located in Overland Park, Kansas where the ceremony can be performed or you can discuss other location option with Pastor Nancy. Once the approvals are received the ceremony can occur.

With the help of Pastor Nancy, Weddings by Proxy makes the overwhelming and often confusing process simple and easy. It all begins when you submit the contact form!