About Us

For years Pastor Nancy, founder of Weddings by Proxy, has been helping couples obtain an official US Marriage license when circumstances are not in their favor. Our location in Overland Park, Kansas, gives us the unique ability to facilitate Proxy Marriages that must happen in the State of Kansas.

The reasons for needing a proxy marriage can be complex and unique.

  • deployed military personnel that need to quickly extend military benefits to their partner
  • foreign nationals that wish to be married to a US, or non-US citizen, who have found it difficult to obtain the marriage in their home country
  • health issues that prevent extended travel but the marriage needs to be official
  • a spouse-to-be is incarcerated and would like their partner to have access to the rights and privileges afforded to immediate family members

Whatever your circumstances, Weddings by Proxy has years of experience helping couples work through the legal process in Kansas. We have been performing proxy weddings since 2001 and have helped countless couples receive a legally binding marriage certificate.

Pastor Nancy, owner/founder of Weddings by Proxy and KC Weddings 2 Go, is a leader in the wedding industry with decades of experience helping people navigate the complex proxy wedding process. There are some that offer a proxy wedding using methods that are not compliant with the proxy wedding laws in Kansas. You can trust that a proxy wedding, performed by Pastor Nancy, will meet all state requirements, be legally binding, and affordable.

Our Chapel

Our beautiful Chapel located in Overland Park, Kansas, close to the Johnson County Courthouse is a wonderful place to complete your proxy marriage.  You may not be able to be together, but that doesn’t mean you do not still want it to feel special and intimate.  Our wonderful little chapel does exactly just that!